When I called was told it was 3 minutes before Colorado support closed


When I called was told it was 3 minutes before Colorado support closed

As she did not have time to assist me I listened to the toolkit training. It said there was a library I could go to. I could not find a icon for a library. Your page that the login took me to said I had completed two campaigns!!?? I had not. I had not chosen a template and had only one campaign. I just wanted to get back to the templates and complete the campaign. Absolutely could not find any thing to get me there. Before the Support person left for the day she told me to click on campaigns. There was nothing there to assist either. I just signed up this morning and am very angry, I hope someone is there tomorrow for West Coast clients.

Hi @SunnyT9


Thank you for letting us know about that interaction so I can look into it for you. I'd also like to help and show you where you can edit your campaigns and find the library. Once you're logged into the account please look at the left hand side of the page. There will you see the icons for the campaigns and the library, like this:


where to find campaigns.png



Once you're in the library you can choose to upload images by clicking on the yellow button on the upper right hand side of the library page. You may also choose to browse the gallery of images, which includes some free and some paid images. That can be found under the search bar on the left hand side of the library page. 


If you've clicked on the "Campaigns" icon and are looking to edit a campaign you've been working on then please select the "Actions" drop down menu on the right hand side of the campaign name, like you see here:

edit campaign.png

For your autoresponder series you'll have an option that says "Manage" in the dropdown menu so please click that. On the following page there's a blue link that says, "Add An Email." By clicking on that you'll have the option to create a new email for the series and view all of the templates. 


I hope that helps to answer those questions. Thank you again for your feedback and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to let us know!





Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager