Where is Email Status page


Where is Email Status page

Your instructions say that Welcome email changes need to be activated on the Email Status page. Where is that?! We searched your help window, your FAQ and more, and that does not come up. You should make that a hotlink on the page EDIT YOUR WELCOME EMAIL, and make this more findable. Also, it would be great to offer an email address to send such support questions to your support team. You don't make it easy.


Re: Where is Email Status page

Hello @CarolinaS0,


I apologize for any confusion on where to find the "Email Status" page and I appreciate you offering feedback on the resources you utilized to try and look for it. If you could provide me with any search parameters you used I could forward that to our Knowledge Base team to try and make the content more visible.


I also appreciate your feedback on the idea of an email support channel. We do offer a variety of support channels that you can find here, but I will be happy to pass feedback to the appropriate department about offering email support in the future. 


All that said, I did review your account and I see that your account is still set up with our older Welcome Email settings. That would explain the confusion on not being able to find the "Email Status" page as it does not appear with the older version. Your current settings can be found from the "My Settings" link when hovering over the little person icon in the top-right corner of the account.


Then you'll see the option to edit your Welcome Email settings.



I apologize for any convenience this may have caused. We are working to update all accounts with the new Welcome Email system. 

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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