Why am I still getting the API was denied on my Instagram social Cher

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I have no idea what an API is but I keep getting a denied message saying that the API was denied on my social sharing status on my Instagram is anyone familiar with this because I cannot get an Instagram post to share off of this website

thanks in advance


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Hi @jasonk2021 ,


An API is essentially the messenger between our system an another's. The best bare-bones analogy I've heard is to think of it like a waiter at a restaurant. You (in this case your Constant Contact account) submit a request to the waiter (API), the waiter delivers your request to the cooks (in this case Facebook), and then brings back either what you requested (submitting the social post) or to tell you they can't make it (error message).


Regarding the issue you're running into, we've typically seen this occur when an Insta profile was setup as a Creator account, and never got completely converted to a business page. Can you confirm the Insta page is a business account, and not listed as a creator account in Insta's system? Is your personal Facebook login an admin for the Instagram business page? Have you tried disconnecting the social account from us, removing our app from your business manager, and then reconnecting the account to reset the permissions.

William A
Community & Social Media Support