Why are my small header images reduced when uploaded?

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Why are my small header images reduced when uploaded?

Hi, I created some small images specifically the length needed to fit as a header across registration pages and emails, but when I upload them, they are reduced, shortened from approx 900 px to 800px.  Then, when I use them I have to resize in the email/event editor, back up to 900px, which makes them fuzzy.


Is there a reason why they can't be in the library at their original length? There is only 100 px difference. The 900px files are 34kb.


Thanks :smileyface:


Hello @JanH347,


I am sorry the images are appearing fuzzy, but you've made a great observation! The Library upload process only allows image files with dimensions that are 800px wide and lower. Additionally, the height in pixels should not exceed 1,728px. If an image is uploaded larger than 800px wide the system will compress it down which can cause fuzziness, especially if you increase the size larger than the 800px. I would resize the image to be at 800px prior to upload and it will prevent the system from compressing it. However, increase it to 900px afterwards will still distort the quality. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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