Why are slashes showing up before apostrophes in my e-mails?

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In the greeting in our e-mails, the apostrophe is being changed to a /' when it arrives in the inbox. 


It looks OK when I'm editing it in Constant Contact but for example, if I put "Is your horse's elbow swollen?" it comes through as "Is your horse/'s elbow swollen?"



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Hello @aprilb78 ,


It looks like you're encountering an issue with the older 3ge email builder's greeting tag tool. To get around it, I'd recommend just using regular text to type our the preamble with the apostrophe, then use an insert contact detail with the first name selected. Or you can build your emails in the newer cross-device / platform editor, which doesn't experience this issue with its greeting tag functionality.

William A
Community & Social Media Support