Why do Survey Report Percentages INCLUDE 'no response'?

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Why do Survey Report Percentages INCLUDE 'no response'?

I noted this before in passing, but this time, it's an obvious problem in survey reporting.


The summary:


1) I have a survey that is running with multiple questions that are a 'choose 1 answer' question

2) None of the questions are 'required'

3) The survey has a HIGH response rate and about 70 to 75% are completing the survey in total




When looking at survey results, the 'NO RESPONSES' are included in the 'percentage' of each answer meaning that the reported percentages are FLAWED when I look at them.


An example:




For me to get a legitimate percentage of each actual answer, I need to recalculate MANUALLY to see the actual size of household of my actual question respondents.


If the reporting was truly effective, it should also include a column that says 'percentage of those who responded' or something like that... Yes, it's one more column, but it's one that seemingly, should be there.


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Re: Why do Survey Report Percentages INCLUDE 'no response'?

Hello @LeftTurnMarketing


Thank you for your feedback about this .  The 'no response' section is included under answers to show you the number (and percentage) of people who chose to skip that question when completing your survey.  Adding in a new column to the reporting to show the percentages without the no responses is a good suggestion.  Can you add that to the ideas area of the Community so that other users can vote on it? 

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