Why was our latest email Campaign flagged as Infomail by some mail servers?


Why was our latest email Campaign flagged as Infomail by some mail servers?

We have used the same basic email campaign for years to notify readers that a new issue of our magazine is available digitally. Our latest campaign, which was sent on Nov 27th, was marked as "Infomail" by several filters for the first time ever and some customers did not receive it.


The only difference I can find is that this was the first campaign we have sent after being forced to migrate to the new email creation interface (and recreate the campaign from scratch).


1) Has anyone else had this problem? If so, do you have any idea what might have changed to make filters sensitive to your campaigns?


2) Any ideas on how to modify a campaign to avoid Infomail filters?


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Hi PamW7228!


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! While you don't have control over what type of email filters your contacts are using, you can control how these filters view you and your sending reputation. Authenticating your outbound email verifies to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that a message actually came from your organization, or was sent on your behalf from an authorized third-party, like Constant Contact.


Please see Help Overview: Understanding Email Authentication for more information.


Tips for Improving Your Sending Reputation - (you can view the full article here)

The more you own your sending reputation, the more trusted you become. When ISP's trust that you are who you claim to be, and that your content isn't spam, the more likely they are to allow your emails into the inbox. Your contacts are also more likely to open and engage with your emails when they trust you too!

If you have additional questions about email Authentication please reach out to our Account Review/ Deliverability team a call at 866-433-8499.

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