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Re: Make logo auto size to fill Logo Block


Thanks for posting about this. I took a look and even made a copy of one of your emails to test this out. Here's what I found.


First, your logo image is 595px wide. It should drop in at 595px wide unless the logo block has a preset logo width that is different.


Do you start with a new template every time or copying an old one? The email I took a look at used the "Basic wide right" template and when I started new with this template the logo filled the full width. Are you using a different template I can take a look at?

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Column Widths Different in Preview and Email View

In design and preview modes, everything looks great.  But if I send a test email the column widths are significantly reduced causing severe wordwrap and formatting issues.  I've sent this test email to both Yahoo and gmail email accounts and the results are the same.  I've checked the Style Sheet for left, right and template widths (it's one of your standard 2 column templates) and they all sync to 600 with no padding.  The email name is Coltrin Coding - August 27th (1) and I give you permission to log in and look at it to help resolve this issue.

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Re: Column Widths Different in Preview and Email View

Hi @MarkS57


I'm sorry that you're having difficulty with how your email is displaying in the product vs previews in Yahoo and Gmail. While it does state in our Style Sheet that the full width is 600, it definitely appears that this is stretched out and that is causing the email layout to be not formatting properly.


Are you wanting the full template to be the 600px?


I went and made a copy of your email and named it MRCopy. I went and removed the line you had put in the block with "Price Reduced Due to Our Generous Sponsors". By removing that line and saving the block, your email has returned to the 600px. But then I started having issues with that right pane being longer than the left. I had my specialists take a look and now you can view the T2 copy within your account.  


They were able to combine 2 blocks at the very bottom so that there was no longer stretching down the right pane. They also updated the style sheet to actually reflect the left to be 618, right 170, totaling 788. Tests sent to Yahoo and Gmail are now perfect.


If you have any other questions please let us know!


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Re: Column Widths Different in Preview and Email View

Marissa, thank you for your help.  Obviously, this fixed the problem.  However, I am an engineer and a power user and would love to understand better what happened, so that I can avoid or address the problem in the future.  If you don't mind...


...Can you eleborate on what led you to go to the block with the line "Price Reduced Due to Our Generous Sponsors" and remove that line?


I've run across this problem from time to time before and haven't discovered the common denominator that causes one block or line of text to trigger this behavior (narrowing of the columns) while other blocks and text strings maintain the column and overall message widths.