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Width of email

I'm finding that my emails are not filling up the page (side to side).  I don't see on the 'templates' where it shows the width of the final emailed product.  They are coming across so small that they're not legible.  I would like them to show up both in the 'preview pane' and once opened as much wider than they are.


Hello there, 

Sorry for the confusion.  You can get your image ready to upload to your Library by making sure it has the right height and width, resolution, file size, and file type. This protects the image's quality and prevents errors during the upload process.

If you are using the 2GE editor then it is possible that putting in an image larger than it’s designed dimensions could stretch the email. Stretching the email will make it wider than the designed dimensions and could cause display issues.  If you recently put in an image and your email is suddenly wider than what you began with, resize the image smaller and the email should go back to the proper size.  


If you are using our 3GE editor then you will not run into the problem of stretching but I do recommend getting your images ready for upload by following these steps.


I hope that helps! 

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