WooCommerce Subscriptions and Constant Contact?

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Hello! I just started our account tonight. We've been hopping around email providers for a few months struggling to find one that checks all the boxes! Constant Contact looked hopeful- but we might have run into a snag with the WooCommerce integration.

Are we able to sync those who are currently members of our WooCommerce subscription? We need to be able to send emails to our members and have it dynamically add members when they join and remove them when payment fails/when they cancel. We also want to be able to know who has already purchased a product so we can segment them out if we run a sale and they already purchased it. It seems like contacts are synced and we can add products but I don't know if it can tell what our customers actually do?

For reference, here is everything we are looking for in an email provider:

-Deep integration with WooCommerce (INCLUDING WooCommerce subscriptions)- This is the one I'm concerned about. Segmentation seems to only work with Shopify, Etsy etc. but not Woo?- NOT SURE IF CONSTANT CONTACT CHECKS THIS BOX?

-Email and SMS under one roof- CHECK!

-Unlimited emails or reasonable email limits- CC has email limits but much more reasonable than Klaviyo where we had to keep upgrading even though we didn't hit the threshold (and their pricing was higher to begin with!)- CHECK!

-Integrates with Deadline Funnel (CC does, so that's good!)- CHECK!

-Show us how much revenue we get from email- CHECK! Although still not sure if it shows on a per email basis, it still does an overall which is good enough for us!

I'm really HOPING someone has a solution for the WooCommerce part so we can move ahead with bringing all 90,000 contacts over and staying here for the long haul! Fingers crossed!

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Hello @KelseyS3 ,


If you're needing assistance with an integration, I'd recommend calling general support and requesting a transfer to the Tier 2 Integrations support team for advanced troubleshooting.

William A
Community & Social Media Support