Word Press Plugin?

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Word Press Plugin?

How long before you have a WP sign up form like your "competitor name removed" ?


You guys need to catch up with your collection tools!


How do you recommend collecting addresses from a Wordpress site?




Hi Tony, 

Thanks for your feedback. We're working on some new signup form options for the near future and will be sure to share more detail here when we have it. Although we no longer directly offer the Wordpress.org plugin it is still available on Wordpress.org directly. Please note, this isn't a Constant Contact product so you would want to use it at your own risk. This allows you to add signup forms to your website (sidebar or content) and configure how they look.

The only options besides this are to use an API or the basic JMML form. Thanks again for your post!

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Why don't you have a Wordpress plugin?



To date, a WordPress plug-in has not been a high volume request. This is good feedback though! Please post in our feedback area. Also, as stated previously, we are working on some new features for our sign up forms!



Ian W

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It has been now 2 years and still not plug in for wordpress that works?

Hello @MoniqueG34


We have an embeddable sign up form available within your account that you can use to collect sign ups directly from a webpage.  This FAQ goes over how you can add one to your Wordpress site.