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WordPress Integration

We are long time users of Constant Contact. I would like to utilize Constant Contact as a way to send a periodic digest of blog posts to subscribers. Is this possible with this plugin?

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You are able to insert content from your blog into your Constant Contact email campaigns.


If you are using our third generation editor the ‘Read More’ options is a great tool for adding blog content or other web content into your email.  Clicking the "Read More" link will take your contact to the web page so they can read the entire article.  All you need to do is go to the source of your web content and copy (Ctrl + C) the URL you want to include in your email.

Click on our article to see how to do this:

Insert a Customized Read More Layout Using the Third-Generation Editor


If you are using the 2GE editor you can insert the content of up to 15 of your most recent blog posts from your blog's RSS feed into a block of an Email campaign, Event-related email, or Survey invitation. Each post you select includes a link back to your actual blog, and your campaign email's click reports will show which contacts clicked to view the additional blog content.

Note: If your blog has multiple pages, we will only be able to pull posts found on the first page.

To see how this works and to try it yourself click the link below:

Insert Blog Content into a Campaign Email


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Hello @DanG8496,


Thank you for contacting us with this question!  The Constant Contact Forms for Wordpress plugin will connect directly to your Constant Contact account and will eliminate the need to manually move your new sign ups from your website to your account with us.  If I recall, wordpress does require a membership above the free tier to enable the plugin.  If that is the case and you are not ready to upgrade with them, our Sign-up Forms tab in your account will allow you to build connected sign up forms that you can place on your site with provided code.


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Great, thanks for the reminder.  My question, though possibly poorly worded, was more about the integration of free but registration-required membership.  The plugin for this (presumably WP-Member) must coordinate with CC so new members get signed up to CC, but ALSO when they visit later to (any time) to read more privileged content, they will be able to sign in using their email addresses (presumably verified via integration with my email list at CC).  I was told by the CC tech that this function requires an outside plugin that integrates this way, and so I am searching for such a solution.  Opinion?

Hello @DanG8496,


Thanks for getting back to us!  Just to be sure I am understanding. You are looking for an integration that will not only let people sign up for your mailing list, but also will then let them log in to your website with the email address that they provided so that they can access other content?

If that is the case, you may need to look at a third party integration.

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Right, and that integration might just be WP-Member.  If it does not connect that way, then it is a problem of just the manual work to periodically reconcile the WP-Member list that it creates and the CC list that contains folks who responded to my CC campaigns to indicate their literature preference (fiction, financial and humor). This segmentation is what I'm working on as a many weeks-long process, with my existing CC list (in other words, get my CC list to sign-up for their preferred literature category). If there is no integration between WP-Member and CC for it to check with my CC lists for members prior to admitting folks to my resource pages, then I'd have to do this manually. I do know that this plugin and many others do integrate with CC insofar as it adds people to the list at CC and removes as appropriate. I'd rather not have to often reconcile the lists (make them identical) manually, but folks will get membership via CC emailing & updating of their preferences, and other folks will come to my site & opt-in via the WP-Member plugin if I install it. So, I'm researching a solution that does these things. Soon, I'd like to sell some limited content (if my novel revision is not picked up by one of the publishers that already publish my other stuff, etc.).  It is your & other CC Community member opinions I seek to gain on this and the best way to go.  Perhaps a visit to AuthorDan.com might help, if you have time & interest. There, you might have a fun read, but you might also see how I've got CC opt-in forms that feed the CC lists.  This is all quite convoluted, but I hope I've described what I'd like to accomplish so that readers of this blog might offer some advice or refer some plugins (perhaps better for this than WP-member).

Hello @DanG8496,


Thank you for reaching back out to us with this information. I can definitely understand how beneficial and easy it would be for you to have a plugin that would function the way you need it to. At this time, there are no integrations/plugins that function the way you are looking for it to function. If you would like to have something similar to this, an Integration will need to be created that would be connected with our system. I apologize for any inconvenience. Feel free to poke around in our Marketplace for informational purposes. If you happen to have any additional questions, feel free to reach back out to us at any time. 

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Hi @DanG8496,


You are very welcome and we appreciate you reaching out here in the Community with your questions!


Nichelle M
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Hi Leah, Thanks for your question. To insert your Blog content, you can go into your email newsletter. Then click to edit the block where you want the content. Then on the left you will see a menu of options. Under the Insert Header, you will see Blog Content (BETA). You can click on that and then enter your Feed/RSS URL and hit Retrieve. Here is also our video on how to insert your Blog content into your email:

http://www(dot)constantcontact(dot)com/display_media(dot)jsp?id=263t I hope that helps!

Marissa W.

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The Wordpress plug in for Constant Contact is designed to grow your list with a sign up form to place on your site.


We do not currently have a plug in that will send blog posts to your contacts.


What you could do is add blog content to an email and send that to your contacts.


To add blog content to an email, follow these steps:


  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Email > My Emails
  2. To the left of the desired email name link, click Edit icon Edit.
  3. Hover your cursor over the block where you want the content to go.
  4. Click the Edit icon Edit .
  5. Position your cursor where you want the blog content to appear.
  6. On the left-hand side, click the Insert button.
  7. Then click the Blog Content icon Placeholder Image
  8. In the window that appears, enter the Feed/RSS URL for the blog you wish to insert.
  9. Click Retrieve to pull the blog information.
  10. Select which blog posts you wish to insert.
    Note: You must select at least one.
  11. Choose the layout for your posts by selecting either "Summary", "Full Post", or "Single Line (Title)".
    Note: Summary will include the title of your post and up to 70 words of your post's description.
  12. Select whether to delete the current content in the block before inserting the blog posts.
    Note: Deleting the block content removes all content and formatting from the block. This option will often yield the best results.
  13. Click Insert at the bottom of the page.
  14. In the block, click the Save icon Save .

You can use standard block editing options to change the font, color, or edit any information in the displayed blogs.


  • The blog content inserted does not automatically update. When copying or resending an email, you may wish to repeat this process and re-insert content to capture your most recent blogs.
  • Consider creating your email using one of the several recently introduced RSS email templates. This templates include Global Colors and Fonts optimized for the insert Blog Content feature.



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Just an FYI, I hope you're working on adding this option because we're going to be moving to a WordPress website and it would be much easier to move to another company that does support this option than to have to create an email like this every time.



Currently we do not have an automatic way to email out updates to an RSS feed from a blog.  This is an item that is being reviewed by our developers though.  I will submit your feedback to that topic.  Currently the best way to add blog content to your emails is through the steps listed above by Jarrad.  


Hope this helps, 




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PLEASE add a way to insert/integrate our newsletters into Wordpress. It would make a world of diference. Thank you.

Hi Razza,


I'm sorry that we don't have a way to insert your entire newsletter onto WordPress, but we do have a very easy way to share a link directly to your WordPress.


You would want to first click on Email > then on the name of the email(newsletter( you wish to share.  (NOTE: Your email has to have been sent already)


Now scroll all the way to the bottom where the Social Stats section is.  Click on the red + button next to Start Sharing.


Start Sharing.JPG


That will take you to a new page with a lot of Social Sites on it. Scroll down to WordPress and click on it or type WordPress into the Search bar.    Then follow the prompts to share to your blog.


I hope that helps!

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I would like to share how I now integrate Constant Contact with  my Wordpress Blog.


1. I start with Wordpress.  A post for each article which I may or may not include in my newsletter.

2. This post also gets published to my Facebook Page (I use wordpress.org with a plugin)

3. At this point most of the content for my newsletter is already  online.  It is searchable and catalogued.

4. Copy my last newsletter and begin editing. 

5. It is VERY easy to copy a post and then paste it directly into Constant Contact.  I may have to resize photos, clear styles, Usually this works very well.  Links will copy from posts to my newsletter.  I publish a community newsletter and the content is now overhwelming.  So I delete copy in the newsletter to a paragraph or two. Click on the Title will bring them to the whole article on a post in Wordpress.  When you copy from Wordpress to Constant Contact the Title brings a link with it.  I tell readers to click on the Titles for more information. You can add  'more...' links in articles, but it is another step. 

6. I then edit and update to Table of Contents.

7. Right below the Table I have another block, same color, with the title 'More Articles on the Web'.  I cut and paste the last 15-20 posts (articles) into this block. I format the fonts like the table of contents.  The tricky part is that I do on occasion get a parsing error.  I use html to fix it - and have found adding just a couple of links at time seems to work better.


I reviewed several wordpress plugins that 'create newsletters'.  The formatting and styling options are poor. Creating a newsletter was a hassle.  It was easier to use Constant Contact as I've started doing AND the list management in CC is 100 times better than any Wordpress Plug-in.  


I've been a bit frustrated but figuring this all out has been worth it.  I feel like I can have my cake and eat it too.



Outer Banks CommonGood


I use WordPress for articles and link them into a monthly CC newsletter much like you do, Nancy.


I do one additional steps ... create an archive of the CC newsletter and use that archive link to build a newsletter archive on the WordPress site so people can easily view current and past newsletters.


- Jean

I did that for a while but I wanted people to search by article or topic.  



Is there a way to automate this or put Wordpress in as an option of social sharing before each message is sent? Thank you!



Currently that isn't a feature that we have but please do provide use your feedback in our Feedback Forum! This will be your best avenue for sure as our engineers look to this information when implementing new features!



Ian W

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I strongly agree!  I'm a long time CC user and a new WordPress user.  I'd love to see the integration made simpler!

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I am a ten year user of CC.  I send out a weekly community newsletter.  I also have a self-[hosted wordpress site.


1. Is there ANY WAY I can convert, manipulate my CC newsletter to show on page or post.  I am not talking about a link or embedded link. I've tried copying to Word and post back, printing to PDF and SPIRD (spelling) 


2. The major reason I want to do this is that it isn't possible to search my Archives by topic.  Each one had a distinct and nonreleated url.  An example, last year I published three articles about hunger in our community.  No way to search for those articles.  If my newsletter was posted to my wordpress file, it would at least show up in a website search.


3. Ideally certain articles could be saved to an online database or collection.  


I wish constant contact was more like searching Harper's Magazine.  





Hi Nancy, 

Currently there isn't a way to show the newsletter on your site. Although the content is yours the template is Constant Contact property. Maybe a workaround for you would be to share an image from the newsletter.


I'm happy to pass along your feedback about the search technique you are using. Just to clairfy, are you using Constant Contact's Archive tool? If so, the emails would be searchable outside of Constant Contact if they are on your website. 


Thanks for posting,

Hannah M.
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