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WordPress Integration

We are long time users of Constant Contact. I would like to utilize Constant Contact as a way to send a periodic digest of blog posts to subscribers. Is this possible with this plugin?

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You are able to insert content from your blog into your Constant Contact email campaigns.


If you are using our third generation editor the ‘Read More’ options is a great tool for adding blog content or other web content into your email.  Clicking the "Read More" link will take your contact to the web page so they can read the entire article.  All you need to do is go to the source of your web content and copy (Ctrl + C) the URL you want to include in your email.

Click on our article to see how to do this:

Insert a Customized Read More Layout Using the Third-Generation Editor


If you are using the 2GE editor you can insert the content of up to 15 of your most recent blog posts from your blog's RSS feed into a block of an Email campaign, Event-related email, or Survey invitation. Each post you select includes a link back to your actual blog, and your campaign email's click reports will show which contacts clicked to view the additional blog content.

Note: If your blog has multiple pages, we will only be able to pull posts found on the first page.

To see how this works and to try it yourself click the link below:

Insert Blog Content into a Campaign Email


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Has anyone used the sign up for my newsletter on a wordpress.com blog?  If so how do you put the httml code in?

You can use the Constant Contact WordPress Widget. You can read about it and download it here. http://www.seodenver.com/constant-contact-wordpress-widget/

Can't you also use a text link as well?

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It appears that the wordpress.com will not allow me to download widgets or plug ins. You must host a wordpress blog yourself to do this.

where would I find the constant contact wordpress widget?

Wordpress widget is at: http://www.seodenver.com/constant-contact-wordpress-widget/

I've installed the widget on listmywoodinvillehome.com site but the CC API number does not work. CC people cluesless about how to help me.

yeah, my experience is that it doesn't work by adding it into the widget box of a site hosted by wordpress.com


would be great to get a solution to this posted.  and if that happens, could someone ping me at albertkaufman@gmail.com


Albert Kaufman


Albert Kaufman - I am a master certified Constant Contact solution provider - here to help you make the most out of your account. Reach me @ albert@albertideation.com - here's to your success!
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Forgive me if this question has been asked but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.  I'd like my constant contact newsletter to display on the News portion of my website.  I use WordPress for my site and enter news as a new Post.  I have a subscription to CC's email archive service but when I use the share button, select WordPress and enter my WordPress url, I get an Error 404 error on my site.  Any suggestions?

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I have the same question, but I haven't even gotten far enough to figure out where to create the code my WP template needs to show/connect the WP form to CC.
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Hmmm...upon reading the initial question, I think mine is related, but different. My WP template has a form that allows readers to subscribe to my newsletter, but I need to create a code somehow/somewhere on CC to enter it in the WP form to connect them. Is this possible? If so, how/where do I create the code? Thanks!

Here's another issue related to CC newsletters in WordPress. Currently we're transferring from a Sharepoint to Wordpress platform for our website. We posted our newsletter archives by copying the html from the newsletter and pasting into a new page on the Sharepoint site (with a few edits in Dreamweaver). It turns out great, just like our newsletter regularly looks when sent via email. (http://familysupportclearinghouse.org/Newsletters/Pages/August2010.aspx). When I take this same html and transfer to a page in WP the formatting gets messed up: different font types, sizes and colors, the images aren't visible, and other issues. (http://www.familysupportclearinghouse.org/Newsletters/Documents/ConstantContactKINewsWP.pdf). How do I make the newsletter appear correctly?
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How can I directly feed my CC newsletter with the latest posts from the WordPress-based site?

I know it's easy with MailChimp's RSS-to-newsletter feature, but I'd hate to have to switch providers now. What can I do with CC?

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The facts:

a) I use Constant Contact for my newsletter, and I want to allow people to subscribe to my blog (from my blog) so they can get a feed of my posts via email.

b) I have found no widgets or plugins that will send the blog updates through Constant Contact

c) That means I will have to have two lists which will be confusing to my readers.

d) I have a big investment in Constant Contact as my site interfaces with them "under the covers" to subscribe folks who register to use my site.

I don't want to have two lists, but don't seem to have a choice... what do you suggest?



Hi Dave, Constant Contact won't interface from your blog. Should I guess your using WordPress? I suggest you consider RSS for that. Just a thought. You might just wish to include a portion of your blog (lead in teaser....) in your newsletter and just point to your blog page from there. Regards, Tony

Thanks, Tony. I will use RSS, and want to use an email option. I'll just use Feedblitz for that and if there's a problem with confusion I'll deal with it if/when it happens. I think I'm overthinking this!
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That's exactly what I want to do: I want to use my CC newsletter as a digest of the new posts on our website each month. The site is built using WordPress and I know I could take the RSS feed and import it directly into . I'd rather not change newsletter providers, but I will if it means I save time not having to copy and paste. Any help?

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The CC API plugin does this but it apparently doesn't work in firefox, at least not on my site. It works in IE and there's just a blank there in firefox.


Thanks for the feedback.  Any chance you can share which version of Firefox you're using that the plugin doesn't show up in?  Also, any chance you can show a screenshot of what is coming up blank? 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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How in the WORLD can I post a new WordPress Question... This is really not a reply!  Anyway, here goes (moderator, please post this as a new topic):   I'm considering WP-WordPress for free membership and eventual document sales on my site. In your opinion, will this integrate with Constant Contact and relieve me of manually copying subscribers (members) it logs at my site over to Constant Contact?  Also, what are the improvements you mentioned to the WP Plugin from constant Contact that are to be released July 23?  FYI, here is some info on WP-WordPress:


WP-Members has tools to create specific URLs for your registration page, which is great for acting as a landing page for ads. Add-ons for integrating w/ PayPal and email services or get all add-ons:  $59/year