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WordPress Integration

We are long time users of Constant Contact. I would like to utilize Constant Contact as a way to send a periodic digest of blog posts to subscribers. Is this possible with this plugin?

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You are able to insert content from your blog into your Constant Contact email campaigns.


If you are using our third generation editor the ‘Read More’ options is a great tool for adding blog content or other web content into your email.  Clicking the "Read More" link will take your contact to the web page so they can read the entire article.  All you need to do is go to the source of your web content and copy (Ctrl + C) the URL you want to include in your email.

Click on our article to see how to do this:

Insert a Customized Read More Layout Using the Third-Generation Editor


If you are using the 2GE editor you can insert the content of up to 15 of your most recent blog posts from your blog's RSS feed into a block of an Email campaign, Event-related email, or Survey invitation. Each post you select includes a link back to your actual blog, and your campaign email's click reports will show which contacts clicked to view the additional blog content.

Note: If your blog has multiple pages, we will only be able to pull posts found on the first page.

To see how this works and to try it yourself click the link below:

Insert Blog Content into a Campaign Email


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