Wordpress Contact Forms 7 integration stopped working


Wordpress Contact Forms 7 integration stopped working

I had three Contact Form 7 forms set up in Wordpress to add email addresses to Constant Contact.  Around February 4, 2021, the integration stopped working.  I have contacted the plug in author.  He says I must have a conflict with some other plug in, and suggested I tear down my site to just one plug in, and see if the problem goes away.  I need to keep my Web site working, so, after several weeks of work with my hosting vendor, we got a bare bones test site set up.  I have it stripped down to just the one plug in, and it still doesn't work.  I relayed this information to the plug in author, but have not been able to raise a reply.  


Just as a sanity check, I tried using WPForms integration with Constant Contact.  It works perfectly.  That would be enough for me to switch, but most of the features I need are locked up in a paid premium version.  My budget is zero, so, using a paid premium version is not possible.


Can you, please, help me to debug the plug in, since the author is not responding?


My test Web site is at: 


I can give you administrator access, if you need it.  


Thank you.


Hello @SCCDP ,


Unfortunately, we do not have access to any of Form 7's systems, so our integrations Tier 2 team would not be able to troubleshoot the issue at all, even with access to your test site. With that said, your best options are to:

William D
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