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+Working with contacts deleting and adding

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+Working with contacts deleting and adding

i find it frustrating in working with contact lists. Spent a lot of time cleaning up our All Contact list and checked quite a few that should be deleted and had to add one which I did before deleting those marked for deletion. I added a new name, which did not show  up and those boxes I had checked were no longer checked. Our billing has gone up, and shouldn't have because when I called about it earlier this year we did not have 500 in our account and none were added after that. Also, because of the pandemic we are working from home on our home PC remotely with our office PC. 

I had our list all cleaned up and mistakenly deleted the PDF list not realizing other lists would be affected. There is no way to retrieve these boo boos. I feel you need to make this site user friendly and improve it in many ways to make it user friendly and less time consuming. There has to be a better way.

Thank you

Dodie Melvin


Hello @DodieM7 ,


Regarding the Billing, it appears in recent months you went over the 500 threshold, which is why the past several months you've been charged for a higher tier. You can see this reflected in your Billing Activity / Statements from this past year.


After your search did you hit your browser's back button, or did you click the Contacts tab again? Hitting the back button generally mantains what was already checkmarked, same as if you checkmark several names then go to another page of contacts in a list or do a search to checkmark another contact.


In the future, we generally recommend making sure you have versions of your list on your device, as well as in our system, that way you can easily update (or correct an accidental deletion for) one or the other.

I've submitted the applicable feedback to our devs for further review. If and when there's an update regarding these, they'll make sure to notify you.

William D
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