Would other Users like an app? I prefer creating on iPad and think CC should hire an app designer.

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CC please HIRE an APP developer or create a team to do it!!


We are a one computer household and I need to put out an email for a non-profit and I would rather do it on my iPad but can't easily do that especially if I want to add pics. So my husband had to leave the computer behind this morning instead of using it in the classroom.


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Hello @JessicaL6981 ,


You can utilize our mobile app on mobile devices (tablets and phones) to create emails and social posts. The email builder for the app is the Cross-Device / Platform Editor (CPE), so make sure the templates you're working on are using that editor.


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I agree- but in our case, I only use an iPad and I get errors (oops something went wrong) constantly as I’m trying to copy & paste content for our newsletter.