You have stuffed it again!

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You have stuffed it again!

I can no longer change the image in a block and it is frustrating the hell out of me .. it used to work and now it doesn't .. if you spent less time tracking every **bleep** thing and focused on what we pay you for we would be happy .. I keep getting this error using our legacy account: "Your changes cannot be saved. Error: a parsing error occurred while trying to update block"

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Ok .. finally got it to work by deleting the images in the library and uploading them again, must have been a glitch in the original upload.

I still get crashes when I try to work on email campaigns near the end of week .. slow, unresponsive just a pain really, so I try to get them done early in the week to avoid the issues.

Hello @BobbyDean ,


When you have the time would you be able to try the following connectivity troubleshooting steps, to see if they alleviate the lag issues you're experiencing when working in the editor throughout the week / late at night?

  • Does clearing your cache (not the saved passwords, just the cached images and files) alleviate the issue?
  • What browser are you using? Does using a different browser mitigate the issue?
  • Are there any updates pending for your browser? If so, does updating it let you through?
  • Are there any browser plugins or addons you can disable? Does doing so resolve the issue?
  • Are you using a wireless, wired, or mobile network? If possible, does changing networks or resetting your router let you through?
  • Are you using any security / firewall applications (e.g. Norton, McAfee, AVG, etc.)? Does disabling them for our website, let you through?

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