You're killing your long-time customers with changes

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You're killing your long-time customers with changes

Please stop with all of the changes that are only making it more difficult to create e-mails. I've used Constant Contact from the beginning, and over time it has gotten less and less intuitive to use. I feared the change in ownership would result in major changes to my account and familiarity with publishing, and my fears have come true. I now have to spend time searching for basic functions like adding a new block (the word "block" has disappeared) or embedding a link. When I uploaded a new photo -- twice -- it has yet to show up in my library. When I'm in the midst of editing, and the menu option appears over where I need to type, I can no longer slide it out of the way. You've also removed a basic template that I used regularly (spaces for main articles with a side column for short bulleted info). And while I believe I can probably recreate that template somehow, I just don't have the patience or time. With more e-mail program competition out there, I'm seriously thinking of switching. I don't who within your company is pushing for all of these changes, but they are making my job much, much harder vs. easier. 


Hello @ChristineM17. I apologize for any difficulty you have experienced while using our product. We want to make sure that all of our customers are able to easily create their campaigns! It sounds like you were upgraded to our third-generation editor. Instead of using "blocks", the Build tab on the left side of the page has all of the elements necessary to create your campaigns, including text blocks, images, and buttons. Also, this editor makes it easy to create columns so you can create a template that has just the layout that you want. We understand that some customers do not have the time to create their own templates so we have a Professional Services team that can do this for you!


I'm sorry if you are not seeing an uploaded image in your library. I looked into your library and saw you had some PDFs uploaded that looked like flyers. PDFs are considered document files and not able to be inserted as images. However, we've made it easy to upload PDFs as images so you can include them in your campaigns. Here is a link to our Help Center that shows you how to do this. 


In regards to the formatting toolbar showing on top of your text, is your browser zoomed in at all? This sometimes can cause the toolbar to look as if it is overlapping the text when you are working on a campaign. You can also scroll up or down in order to have the toolbar not appear on top of the text. 

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