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I'm never able to complete your surveys because the submit button never appears, as the surveys are positioned in the bottom right hand corner. Secondly, I have so many frustrated (senior) contacts who are not able to receive our emails because they've unsubscribed accidentally, and then re-subscribe email ends up in their spam and gets deleted. Since we cannot send another email, they lose and we lose. FRUSTRATION
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Hello @DMParish ,


Regarding the survey bit, that issue is typically caused by the browser screen being too zoomed in or the default font sizing being too large. On that, we'd advise reducing your browser zoom to the normal 100% (CTRL 0 on PC or CMD 0 on Mac), or going into your browser settings and reducing your font size.


Regarding the unsubscribes, there's not much we can really do here as unsubscribing is both a legal and Compliance process we have to adhere to. If your contacts are regularly getting themselves unsubscribed, then they're likely forwarding the emails to other people, who then click the unsubscribe link coded for the respective contact's address, and then confirming the unsub without actually checking which address is being unsubbed. The only feasible resolution to this is to encourage your contacts not to forward their emails.


It's also entirely possible they've established settings in their email program where if they delete an email without looking at it enough times, then their email program will auto-unsubscribe them. Whether it's the forwarding issue or the setting issue, it'll be purely up to the contacts to resolve their inadvertent unsubscriptions, as there's nothing you or we can do for them.

William A
Community & Social Media Support