Your web software doesn't work properly using Safari 7.0.3


Your web software doesn't work properly using Safari 7.0.3

I am unable to cancel social media postings in relation to my email campaign. Clicking "don't share" brings up a blank box with only a ^ in it. I tried to not share since I was unable to edit the thumbnails (a blank box came up when clicking edit, with a spinning timer that spun for over 10 minutes). I'd also like email for support please, as I don't use the telephone. Thanks.
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HI my two recent campaigns haven't linked to linked in... Can you please advise?

Hi Benjamin,


I'm sorry to hear that that happened. I see that one of your campaigns did publish to LinkedIn while the one from the 14th did not. That still shows pending.


Could you please cancel that and then republish?


Please let me know how that goes!  





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Hi Marissa,


I just published again today and once again it didn't publish..... not sure what I am doing wrong??


Please advise. 



Hi Benjamin,


I'm sorry that you are still having difficulty getting your email to share to your LinkedIn.


Let's try to remove the connection with Constant Contact from your LinkedIn profile and then re-add it.


Please follow these steps:


1. Open Simple Share Overlay, Click Manage 
3. Remove LinkedIn acct. from Simple Share 
4. Log into your  LinkedIn Account 
5. Hover over Profile pic in the upper-right, click to Review > Privacy & Settings 
6. Towards bottom, look for 'Profile,' 'Communications,' 'Groups/Companies & Applications,' and 'Account.' 
7. Click 'Groups, Companies & Applications' 
8. Click on View your applications 
9. Check the box next to 'Constant Contact - Making Social Simple' 
10. Click Remove 
11. Go back into your Constant Contact account/campaign/SimpleShare & click Share again and re-add LinkedIn


And then let me know how that goes!


Hello Mikki, 


The issue that you are having is one that we are currently working on and is happening in multiple browsers.  If you would like I can put in a request for you to be notified when this issue is resolved.  In the meantime, the workaround to stop the pending post from being sent is to Unschedule the email.  Then choose the Don't Share option, this window might appear blank as well, but there should be a yellow oval.  If you click in the yellow oval it will put the Simple Share posts back to draft and take them out of the pending state.  


Also, you can email support through the Customer Portal.  If you log in to your account you can click the Help link at the top, then down the left hand side you will see a section to Email Questions to Support.  This way the case is created in your account in case there is anything that we need to test or troubleshoot.  


Hope this helps!



Hi. I tried to use Simple Share both BEFORE and AFTER sending a newsletter today. Simple Share does not work. How do I link my newsletter to Facebook?

Hi Josh.


I'm so sorry that you were having trouble with Simple Share. When you say that it doesn't work, what kind of troubles are you having? Is it not loading? Are you seeing any plus signs between the words? Are you getting any error messages? With a little more information I'd be able to assist with the situation much better. 

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Hi there, When I go and click the simple share icon, the corresponding window opens but no icons load. I read through the "help" article about how to add the social media platform and synch. I'm interested in Facebook particularly. Unforuntately, not only do the icons in the simple share window not load, but when I click "add" nothing happens, there are no options, icons or selections to click. Please help! I wonder if it's down, or maybe I have a privacy setting that preventing it? Cant make sense of it! I was able to set up a web sign-up form and link it to at least that much is working. I'd appreciate any pointers. Kind regards, Audrey

Updated July 2019:


The information below is based on our older Legacy Newsletters in our Second Generation Editor. Here is how you can share your campaign through our updated Social Share feature and how to include your social media icons in our Third Generation Editor templates.




Hi ShawnF23,

I'm a little confused about which social media tool you are using. You mentioned Simple Share which is the tool that allows you to share your emails on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There's nothing to install but you do need to connect your accounts to use this. If you are using Simple Share you will need to click the Simple Share icon on the scheduling page to see the overlay window. 

1-13-2015 10-39-20 AM.jpg

You also mentioned the social media icons. These are the icons that you can inset in your email, event, etc to send people to your social media accounts. You can use this to encourage people to like or follow you on those accounts. The social media is available while you are editing a block of your email. 

1-13-2015 10-42-24 AM.jpg

Lastly, just to clarify all the options, there is a Join My Mailing List app you can install to your Facebook page. It sounds like you might already have this set up. Is it working properly? If you are working with Simple share and aren't able to see the overlay window please let me know what browser and version you are working in. Also, please confirm that you are allowing popups.



Hannah M.
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Hello @JanetS928 


Great question! Thank you for posting. In order to get your campaign onto your Facebook page, you will want to use our Simple Share feature. Which can be found on the scheduling process of your campaign or on the email stats page once it was sent out. 


You will want to look for the Simple Share button below:



After you click on this button, the Simple Share box will populate asking you which networking accounts you will like to share to:



I did notice you already have a few accounts setup, so from here you can choose an image to post with your campaign or edit the text of the post. Once you are done making your desired edits, you can select Save and Close (or Publish if the email has already been sent) at the bottom of the box. If you're sending your campaign for the first time, these posts will publish as soon as your email sends. Otherwise if you're using Simple Share after your campaign has been sent, it will publish instantly. 


If you would like to Add or Delete any of your social network accounts, you can do so by using the Add or Manage links on the top right of the Simple Share block. 


We have a great FAQ on how to add accounts and use the Simple Share feature as well: Connect Social Media Accounts to Simple Share.


I hope this helps, let us know if you have any additional questions. 

Amber Royal
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How so I share my campaign on Pinterest.....there is no button to share the actual campaign. The Pinterest button at the bottom of the campaign goes to my website.

Hi @JeanneG11 

Thanks for asking! Pinterest is not currently part of the Simple Share process for sharing your email but this is a good idea for the future. What you are describing is the Pinterest icon that you can include in your email in order to have your readers follow you there.


Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
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Is this possible using Constant Contact

Hello @DavidD5206


You can share your campaign on Twitter a couple of ways.  If the email has already been sent you can use the Short URL to share on Twitter, find directions here.  You can also use Simple Share to set your newsletters to share automatically to Twitter when it is sent to your contacts.  Once you click the Simple Share button you can connect your Twitter account (and any Facebook or LinkedIn accounts).  Then when scheduling your emails, you will just need to click Simple Share to view the posts, edit as needed, and save them so they are pending the send of your campaign.  Here is a list of steps if you need it.  




Is there an option for LinkedIn or do I just have to use the URL? Thanks!

HI @LauriH75

Thanks for posting! Are you looking to share your emails on Linkedin or include LinkedIn in your emails?



Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
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I am trying to use Simple Share and I have tried 20 times and I keep getting an error message. I need help. I need to publish on social media asap

Hi @WillieH03


I know how important it is to get your message out to all that follow you on Social Media and I'm happy to help you accomplish this.


I logged into your account and I'm seeing where your email from today was not posted on your Facebook pages. Please follow the steps below in order to get this back working for you.


  • Log into your account with us and go to your most recently sent email
  • Scroll down to the SimpleShare section
  • Click on Share Again
  • When you receive the overlay, click on Manage
  • Click the Trash can icons for each Facebook page that isn't sharing
  • Once they are removed, you will need to re-add them back by clicking Add

Once they are reconnected, try sharing again.


Let me know how that goes!

I sent out my first campaign today and it too is not posting on my facebook page.  I followed the instructions below but it is not working.