Youtube links in CC not reliable anymore?

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For years we've used CC with minimal problems. Over the past several months we've been having a harder and harder time getting YT links for videos to work in the video block. We're getting frequently the Oops! "We can't find that link. Check the URL or reach out to our support team for more information." The links are fine. Sometimes when it's our video (and it's new) we delete it and reupload it to YT and it'll work. CC is the ONLY place we're having problems, and it's ONLY with YT videos (and they're not "shorts").
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Hello @RLCoppedge ,


The issue last night in particular with inserting YouTube videos was addressed by the devs, and is considered resolved by them. If you're still having issues inserting YT links into freshly added video blocks, I'd advise calling general support so they can collect the link and perform further live troubleshooting.

William A
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