Zoom links I added to CC events are wrong - like the link from copied events was switched back

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I created CC events a couple months in advance. These are online events with a Zoom link included. I usually copy an existing CC event and just update the info - date, name, and Zoom link. However, it seems all the Zoom links reverted to the link in the copied event I used. I double check all links when creating the new event. I'm not sure when this happened but it's caused issues with people not being able to get into a webinar due to having an old Zoom link. Did CC update something that could have created this? 

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Hello @KMCphoenix ,


No, the event system hasn't been updated for awhile as the devs are in the midst of working on a new one. I'd advise going back in and editing your event to have the correct links, and editing (and re-sending) the invites with updated links so your contacts and/or registrants have the correct links as well.

William A
Community & Social Media Support