adding footnotes


adding footnotes

I wanted to add footnotes to an email but when I did I was not able to reduce the size of the note (number) or change the color. 


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Hello @SrinivasR5 ,


For the footnote text, are you copying and pasting that from somewhere, or are you typing it out? If you type it out, you should be able to have multiple sizes and colors in the same body of text. If you're copying, you may need to clear the formatting attached to it, as copying over styled text can sometimes retain certain aspects in our system. You can typically clear the formatting by using either a basic word processor (e.g. Notepad or TextEdit), or by pasting with cleared formatting (PC: CTRL+SHIFT+V or Mac: CMD+SHIFT+V).


If the issue persists, despite clearing the formatting, try adding a fresh, new text block and paste the format-cleared text into there.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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