breakdown of campaigns by recipient lists


Is there a way to find out what list received which campaign? 


I am trying to find out what emails a specific list we have has received but I can't find a solution 


Hello @MaryKay22 ,


There isn't anything that's provide info about which specific lists received which specific emails. However you may be able to still figure out that info through a few different ways.

  • The quickest and simplest would be to just go into a list, select a contact, and look at what emails you've sent them that you've also sent other contacts in that list. 
  • Another method would be to perform segmentation with a criteria of List Membership + a specific email that was sent.


Either of the above methods could work, but you'd need to cross-reference with other contacts in those lists, or check list totals to make sure you're not just looking at a lot of contacts that might've been in multiple lists.


Admittedly neither of those are particularly efficient, so I've tracked what you're wanting as a feature request to your account. If and when they engineers have an update on such functionality, they'll make sure to notify you directly.

William A
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