can I send a "low html" version?

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I am a long time user of Constant Contact, but have spent woefully little time really analyizing my results. So in my recent research I discovered my nice fairly simple emails are going into Google's Promotional folder. I was unable to find articles in CC knowledgebase about why email is going into Promotions (it's really just a newsletter - I'm not actively selling anything). So I tried to ask google what is going on. Google response was that the reason for gmail mocinf my email ro the promotion tab is because it is rich in HTML.


Of course from an attractive marketing point of view, HTML is wonderful and I do frankly love the look of my little newsletter. But I need to get it in front of the user's eyeballs - and the Promotions tab is not what I was hoping for.


I thought it would be neat to experiment with just a simple email blast with hardly any HTML - and then to simply point to a landing page that includes my whole newsletter.


When I tried to find a super-plain, low-html template in Constant Contact I was unsuccessful so I can't even try the experiment. 


Can anyone point me to a knowledgebase article, either about how to send an "html-lite" template (with just a few links)? It would be a really good resource for just sending out simple announcements. (I found a 40 page document about the advanced HTML editor but it would take me months to sort all that out.)


Also, in addition to the "low html" template, I would be interested to read any articles you could suggest about how to stay out of Promotions and help me get my newsletter into the primary "IN" tab in gmail.


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Hello @jerryw ,


I'd advise going through this article on why emails get put into Gmail's Promotions inbox tab (assuming the recipient has that turned on). Unfortunately this is only something the recipient can resolve - either by turning off the Promotions tab or by moving your emails to their regular inbox to "teach" the algorithm that's where they want it. Even a "plain text" type email sent through us would still result in this a Promotions delivery unless the recipient has properly setup their Gmail settings to accept your emails in their regular inbox.


If you have additional questions regarding your delivery beyond that, I'd advise speaking with the Delivery team directly.

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