change wording when deleting emails in bounce cleanup

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change wording when deleting emails in bounce cleanup

We've noticed when we're using the Reporting tab to go into the lists of bounced emails that the message that pops up when removing emails from the lists reads: "We'll mark it as Unsubscribed ..." This is confusing, since *your* marking an email as "unsubscribed" is quite a different thing than one of our customers choosing to "unsubscribe."

Might you consider using a different word here? We treat records differently when the customer chooses to unsubscribe than if we are removing their email address and their record. I.e., we make a point of leaving "unsubscribed" (by customer) records in there, so we don't accidentally add them again, whereas we delete the entire record when we no longer have a valid email for them.


Hello @PhilP2,


Thank you for the feedback! I can understand based on your distinction that manually unsubscribing someone is different from them choosing to no longer receive your mailings. That is true. We mark the bounces as unsubscribed (at your discretion) so that they also don't get added back in accidentally.


There is a workaround where you can add them to a tag and then go to Contacts Management and delete them from the tag level. The process would be:


1. While looking at the bounce report for an email campaign, select all the contacts in the report.

2. You'll see "Manage Tags" on the dark grey bar at the top of the list. Click that.

3. Create a new tag such as "Delete Bounces." Click "Apply."

4. Go to "Contacts" at the top.

5. On the left-hand side toward the bottom you'll see your tags. Choose the tag you created.

6. Select all the contacts in the list. 

7. Click "More Actions" and then "Delete."


That way, if it turns out the reason they were bouncing has been resolved you can easily re-add them to your account without going through a resubscribe process.

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