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Re: changing email addresses

After considering the issue, it seems deleting the contact and re-adding them is the best solution at the present time. Adding a second email address to a Contact and removing the first from any lists still leaves an invalid email address as the primary contact.


However, there is a further issue here for Canadians. All emails must now be confirmed opt-in. The above procedure deletes the confirmed address and subs an "added by you" one. This no longer meets the CASL rules.


However, I found a little workaround. We used the CASL template to create an email to request all Contacts to Confirm to ensure everyone is compliant. Just one click does it. (Bravo Constant Contact) After you've added or replaced a Contact manually, I can suuggest the following:


3) Search for and select the new contacts. If there's a batch, just sort the list by descending date. The new ones will be at the top. Select them.
4) Select QuickSend from the "More Actions" pull-down on the upper right.
5) Select the Confirm Subscription email from June (from the CASL template)


Tada - new/edited Contacts get a request for confirmation, making them confirmed and compliant.


All very manual but it fills the gap in the process.


Re: changing email addresses

Hi Jeannie. That is certainly a work around to the issue. Thank you for sharing!

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Re: changing email addresses

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