completely headache


completely headache

Hi, Dear team, Can you explain me whats wrong with your system?!!!! I am exporting subscribing from my magento subscribers section and when i am adding them into constant contact then i am setting Permission as implied but still its going to no permission set.....!!!!! Please fix it and add my contacts to active list otherwise its a big loss for my business.... My customers are complaining me that we are not getting any offers from you... Waiting for your quick response...

Hi @MohammadA1981

I am sorry to hear this is happening. Can you help with some addtional information?


- Are you just exporting a list of existing contacts and re-importing them?

- Are you choosing to update or add the contacts?

- Can you make sure you are keeping the permission checkbox checked during the import?


This will help us try to replicate on our end. Can you give me an exact contact name that you are having this happen with as well? 



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