contact problems with your organisation very poor service


contact problems with your organisation very poor service

Hi I have been struggling for 1 hours, can find your contact method, non of them working for me.   

I have paid my accounts through mindbody, no matter how can I sign in through mindbody or through your web log in, kept on required me to pay you.  I have paid you through mind body over month or so, I am not able to send any email out.   


on your phone list customer service is not free, you do not have sydney area code right,  it should be 02, but yours have 3 code.    I tried on live chat, it does not work, no one chat with me.  When go to community, it was mess, so many people I do not know whom I can ask with.


my email address log in to your accounts: 

Q:  Do I need to sign a new account by log in with , so that I am able to be recognised? 


Q:  I have called Mindbody for about months, they asked me to contact you.   There is no way, I am able to be helped from your site by all approaches.


Q:  I need to send newsletter our urgently, is anyone can help me without double pay you?



I had free trial half years ago for free trial.   I paid through mindbody website, but you do not recognise me.






Thank you for reaching us here in the Community.


We're sorry for any confusion on how your Constant Contact account is handled and for any trouble you had trying to reach us through our other support channels. We have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate department and we will follow up with you when we have answers.


I apologize for any inconvenience while we get this sorted out!



Evan G.
Customer Engagement Specialist
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