contact wont delete


contact wont delete

I have a contact called 'Darryl Cummings' whose email would be '' however I want to delete this contact - but they do not exist when searched. I've searched individually within our contact lists and overall but I cannot locate this contact. However when I send out an EDM he still receives them - which is a problem because he is no longer a valid employee and his manager is getting upset with us because we keep sending to Darryl's email. We need this problem rectified immediately so it does not hinder our relationship with our customer. Please correspond with me via my email:  Thank you.



Hello @Matt_Hopping,


Thank you for reaching out to us about this contact issue. It appears that the contact does not exist in your account; however several other email addresses for that same company do. In most cases one of the email addresses is forwarding to this contact when your campaign is sent.

With that being said I would contact this company and have them check for any forwarding from their email addresses to the one in question. I will send you an email to continue this conversation with more specific information about this to keep all sensitive information private.

Please feel free to reach out to us again if you need assistance with anything else!

-Curtis P
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