creating a new background


creating a new background

Hi all,

I used the school bus template with great results.

I would now like to create a similar template for Halloween, but I am not sure how to create a background from scratch. I was hoping to put the main body of my email inside the silhouette of a scarecrow similar to the one attached. Can you please share some advise as to how to create a background from scratch, rather than using an existing template?

Thanks so much.








Hello @AnneO630. Great question! You certainly can add your own background into a Constant Contact email if you are using our older editor! This does involve using HTML coding. First, you will need a URL for the image. For my example below, I uploaded the image into my Constant Contact library and copied the URL from there. Next, you will want to go into the style sheet. If the style sheet for your template does not have the text inside of the blue box, you will want to enter this in order to insert a background image. Then, insert your URL into the area highlighted in yellow.



In the image below, you can see that the image is repeated. This is because the image I chose was not large enough to take up the entire email. You would have to find an image that would be around 600px in width in order for it to go across the entire email and not show as tiled. 



Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to make it appear that the email is inside of the scarecrow without extensive coding or working with our Custom Services team. But I hope that the instructions I have provided above allow you to add a little bit more of a Halloween/Autumn feel to your emails! Please check out this FAQ that gives some more information about adding a background image to an email. 

Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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