deactivate user Linda Foster

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deactivate user Linda Foster

I have d"clicked" on the reactive status and the system does not respond. Please correct same. Thanks, Ed Caliendo

Hello @EdC996,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your inquiry. With the migration to the New Experience there was a change in how many additional users an account could have as well as having to be an Email Plus subscriber in order to access/activate them. That said, any account with existing additional users being migrated to the New Experience are grandfathered in and retain access to any currently active users. You should be able to change an existing active user's information, but if you deactivate them you will be unable to reactivate them without upgrading to Email Plus. 


I'm very sorry for any inconvenience or frustration this causes. We are currently collecting feedback on this and I would be happy to let our product teams know.



Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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Well, I am not pleased with your answer.  You have changed the rules without informing me first.  I used to be able to have ten active users... now, I do not know how many I am able to have.  Why not tell me without eliminating my listing of ten?


This change in the program is going to cost my NON-PROFIT organization more expense with an upgrade.  If am to be grandfather in, then my limit should be ten and nothing less.  I suggest you allow me to have ten users.


Please respond with answers.






Hello @EdC996,


Again, we're sorry for the frustrations and confusion this has caused. Please know that account owners were notified for several weeks in advance of the migration to the New Experience (both within your account and via email communication) but we understand that you might have missed it. As Nick previously explained the number of additional users available for your account depends on your pricing plan. This actually hasn't changed - what has changed is the number of users allowed for an account.


We understand the need to keep additional costs at bay so we recommend allowing multiple users to share login credentials for your account. The system now allows for up to three users per account (unless existing additional users have already been grandfathered in such as with your account.)

We definitely appreciate your understanding and want you to know that all customer feedback is being forwarded directly to our developers. In addition, you can rest assured that we are also passing along customer sentiment regarding our New Experience.

Nichelle M
Community & Social Media Support

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