deleting contacts when looking at lists?


deleting contacts when looking at lists?

So I created a "never opened" list and put emails in that list in 2016. It is not 2017 and I want to delete emails in that list who still haven't opened in 2017 however; I can't seem to delete an individual when I open them within a list. How can I accomplish that? Thank you in advance! Laura


Hi @TSCLongIsland,


Just to be clear, are you looking to delete the contact record from the account entirely? If that is so, please see this helpful guide: Delete Contacts from Your Account. Otherwise, please note, you can simply remove the contacts from a particular list, while they remain in other lists, as seen here: Remove Contacts from Email Lists.


If you are looking on the individual contact profile level, you can remove a contact from a list as seen in the corresponding guide but not necessarily the option to delete from account. See below: contact profile.png


I hope those visual guides are helpful to you! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Liz M.
Customer Engagement Specialist

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