different screens


different screens

A friend of mine also uses constant contact and their home page looks different from mine? They have tabs across the top? Mine are down the side and they are not the same choices?

Hello @KarliT9 


That's a great question. We do have different account types available depending on when the account was created. They both hold the same features and services. Is there something in particular you're looking for that I could help you find?


Let me know!

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re:"They both hold the same features and services"



Not entirely true.  The newer accounts (toolkit) have higher costs and  for some of the same functionally don't they?  


i.e. autoresponders.





I am trying to find the birthdays and anniversaries function on my screen, and mine has the navigation across the top.  This is the second place that has stated that both screens have same functionality, but I am not finding this feature on my account screen, and this is a major reason I am trying Constant Contact out.


Can you please help me with this?


Thank you

Hello @TowerL


Since the original post in this thread there have been some updates made to accounts, adding various features.  At this time within your account type we do not have the Birthdays and Anniversaries feature.