do unsucribed emails apply to my billing

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Trying to delete emails to get below the 25K threshold. Do unsubscribed emails count towards my total emails for billing?  

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Hello @GarrickR ,


Unsubscribed contacts are not considered active, send-able contacts so they wouldn't count toward your billing. I'd recommend checking out this article that goes over the difference between active and inactive contacts for more info. 


As far as advice for reducing your contact numbers, I'd strongly recommend deleting and unsubscribing your recommended-for-removal bounces. This is typically the easiest and most efficient way to reduce contact numbers, and make sure you're only engaging with contacts that are worth having.


You can also use segmentation to filter out contacts who've chronically not opened your emails. You can then further manage this segment by adding it to a list, determining which contacts may still be worth keeping (such as very recent additions based on Date Added), and then deleting all the remaining non-openers and the segment list. There's also our pre-built low engagement segmentation, which you can use to re-engage those specific contacts that rarely if ever open your emails.


Another way to save a significant amount of money in the long run would be to go with a 6 or 12-month prepayment. You could get 10% or 15% off (20% or 30% for non-profits) respectively by going with one of these prepay setups. This can be done from within your account, but if you'd like additional guidance and insight you may wish to reach out to our Billing team directly.


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