editing and navigating it isn't user-friendly. too many hours & no product

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editing and navigating it isn't user-friendly. too many hours & no product

After spending hours trying to create a flyer, I need to always call someone and spend MORE HOURS on the phone with them. I spoke with Kara today. She was extremely helpful. I did mention to her that she has to go slower, take the person step by step, and not rush ahead or give too much verbiage to someone who isn't tech savvy. Here were my comments to her: 1. I find your templates are the same, no matter the category. It's boring. everything is square and boxes. 2. Copy and paste was not working. Kara suggested I transfer my copy from a Word Document to Notepad and that kept my formatting. So now I know to use Notepad. 3. I changed background color and some of my sentences were blocked out and I couldn't get them to change font colors to be readable. 4. How to add a contact from Microsoft Outlook. That's where I keep my contacts. I want to update with new contacts and don't know how nor does it explain how from Microsoft Outlook. Kara is sending me the info. This needs to be a simple, user-friendly format for people who AREN"T TECH SAVVY. thanks for listening.... Gylian Solay

Hello @GylianS , 


Thank you for sending along this feedback.  I am glad that you were able to get help from Kara when you called in.  If you have not passed your feedback along to our Feedback Area (or through the Feedback links on the bottom left side of the page after you log in), I would recommend to send some of this information to those areas.  They have more visibility with the teams that handle some of the changes that you are looking for (i.e. templates).  


For copy/paste and keeping the formatting on your test, you can set your Paste Options within your account to keep formatting.  This is something that we do not recommend though, because it can cause issues like you noted in #3.  If formatting is done through a different program, there can be some extra formatting taken along with the text that might not translate well into HTML (our system sets up the HTML for you on the back end when you are editing blocks).  If possible, we recommend typing within a block and formatting text in Constant Contact, or just pasting text into Constant Contact and then styling your text (i.e. size, font, style) within our editor.  


You also mentioned adding contacts from Microsoft Outlook, we have a couple of ways to do this.  You can export from Outlook to a file, then edit the file and upload into your account or you can use our QuickImport tool, if you meet its requirements (listed in the link).  



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