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I am the membership chairman for our chapter. I have been in contact with this person a number of times, and he has assured me that this is a valid email address that he has had for many years. He said that our messages are not going to his spam folder or otherwise blocked. But they are being "bounced" nonetheless and he is "suspended." I have tried removing his listing from Constant Contact and re-entering everything manually, to no avail. What can be done fix this and to remove the "suspended" classification for this email account so they will get through to him? Thank you very much in advance. My personal email is , and I'd appreciate you looking into this for us.


Hello @artb786 ,


I got the contact unsuspended in our system administratively. As a follow-up, I'd recommend doing a Quicksend of the last email they were supposed to receive. If we receive a report from their domain / ISP about them being 'non-existent' again, then they'll likely be put back into suspension. You can check this by going to the contact's engagement history right after doing the Quicksend.

If the non-existent bounce occurs again, then it may be worth reaching out to our Deliverability team to see if they have any additional insight regarding that domain / ISP. 

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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