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embedded code to archived emails is not allowed in Godaddy GoCentral


embedded code to archived emails is not allowed in Godaddy GoCentral

embedded code to archived emails is not allowed in Godaddy GoCentral

The archive function is great, however Godaddy GoCentral  HTML function does not permit the code within their iframe structure. Per Godaddy, Embeded code that uses <script> tags is not supported.  I can get around this by adding a link to an external html page that executes the script, but that is an extra step as the script only displays yet another link to the archived pages.

Can the script be modified to launch the returned url automatically, as i'm only returning the last email archived anyway?

Script generated by CC is:

<!--Begin CTCT Archive-->
<script id="archiveScript" src="//static.ctctcdn.com/js/archive-static/current/archive-static.min.js"></script>
<div id="archiveList" data-archive-count="1" data-m="email link goes here"></div>

<div align="center">
<!--End CTCT Archive-->


Hello @NeilH9 ,


Thank you for the very detailed notes. While the archive tool is available for the regular GoDaddy site builder, it unfortunately isn't compatible with GoCentral's setup, similarly to how GoDaddy in general doesn't work well with our pop up and inline form codes.


If you'd like to try developing your own archive coding to work between our API and GoCentral's, I'd suggest reaching out to our Web Services team. They can provide some additional insight on how the two APIs could and couldn't work together, and if possible, provide some insight on what can be done to develop your own archive widget.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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