event registration

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can you save it and add to it later. It seems like you have to do it all at once and it is very complicated. eg finding the pau pal account. I want to save it and go back to it later.
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Hello @HelenB40 ,


Are you asking in regards to setting up the event itself, or in regards to a contact signing up for your event? 


If in regards to setting up your event, and you're unable to complete the process for connecting a WePay or PayPal for handling online payments, you can always turn off event payments, Save, and come back later to setup.


If in regards to a registrant, if they go through the entire process of submitting their info, but are unable to complete the payment portion, they'll show in your list of registrants as an Incomplete registration. You can either cancel this incomplete registration, or you can manually update their registration and payment status if they paid in-person or some other way. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support