failure to recognise membership


failure to recognise membership

For the last five years our foundation has been paying a monthly subscription by credit card to Constant Contact yet when we login it says our "trial" is finished and it asks us to "sign up" which is ridiculous. Our user name is **Removed by Moderator**  and i woudl like one your your technical people to be in touch to sort out our use of the Constant Contact site.


Hello @SarahK948


I took at look at the information you provided and was able to locate the account that you have set up as a subscription. The account information was removed from your post for security. In order to resolve issues around logging into accounts, we would need for you to call in to our support center. By calling in to our center we can start the verification process needed to get you access to the right account.  You can reach our support team Monday through Thursday from 7am to 11pm ET, Fridays from 7am to 9pm ET, and over the weekends from 10am to 8pm ET at 866.289.2101.  If you need an international number, you can call 781.472.8120.