forward to a friend.

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forward to a friend.

completely depressing thing #2 about constant contact... when a person does Forward to a Friend, using the link at the bottom of an email they received, despite typing a nice message in the input box on the F2F screen, the message is delivered all scrunched and without any line breaks. looks like crap. who'd want to read that? this is easy stuff. you've got to fix that. patty harper.

Hi @pattyh260

I am sorry to hear this is happening! In order to look into this to determine the cause, can you help with some additional information?


- What email client are you testing the F2F email in?

- Have you made any edits to the F2F email?



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Hi -


I was using Safari 7.0.4 to enter content into your F2F form, and sent it to both Yahoo and to Gmail email addresses.  


I just noticed that even worse, you insert a Dear <name of friend entered>, and then say "patty has forwarded this email to you with the following message:" and then put in the message I typed.  This is completely out of order.  Skip the Dear part..and the patty has forwarded... or make it more apparent that's how you're going to monkey with the data i input into the F2F form.   See below.




Thanks for your interest.  I hope you get this fixed.


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.59.06 AM.png

Hi @pattyh260


Thanks for sending us along more information as well as a screenshot. This is actually functioning as designed. But we'd love for you to post this request in our Campaigns Feedback Board. This will allow others to vote on this feature enhancement as well as allow our developers and product owners to see that you want it to behave differently.


Thanks again for sending this!