grouping a series of emails.


grouping a series of emails.

I am 3 emails deep into a 7-part email series on the process to buying a home. 
In each successive email, I would like  to have one link where the reader who might be new to the list can click and go read the previous emails in a blog format. I have a WP site that I could host he blog, but my hope is that there is a way that I can generate the email--- formatting and all, into the blog. 
If I have to recreate the blog from scratch, I can do that, but I hope I don't. 
Also, the web links provided with each email campaign is great, but is there a way to archive all 7 of the emails to one link so that I can share that one link and clicking on it would take the prospect to a page with the emails all on that one page like a single page website that scrolls forever? 
Any other suggestions on accomplishing  this would be appreciated. I just want my new list members to have an easily accessible way t o review previous emails in the list in a nested sort of way. 


Hello @DaneS54 ,


For getting the emails over to your blog, I'd suggest using either the link method, or downloading the emails as a PDF, PNG, or JPG

In regards to the automated series linking back to each previous email, at the moment there isn't a way to perform such a task. Since automated emails in a single series aren't live before publishing the whole series, links aren't available to include. A potential workaround for this would be to either create that step manually as a regular email, do a live send to just yourself, then use the link from those regular emails as the links for the respective automation steps.

If you're needing to host all email links under one, single link - your best course of action would be to have that link either redirect to a document with those other links listed, or to be part of your website - where all the links / emails are available on a single webpage.

William D
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