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high end customer list

Real Estate

high end customer list

As a result of a high end property listing I have email address and names for buyers interested in large parcels of land and higher end homes.  I want to be able to create a template in which I can insert selected listings from two mls so that the picture of the property shows up when the email opens.  Need to be able to give credit to the listing agency, but want to frame the email around my brand. Can Constant Contact do this?





Hello @JamesT587 ,


Unfortunately our system at the moment does not directly connect with MLS systems. However, this still can be achieved within your newsletter. The email template can be constructed to contain as many property listings as you would like. The images you wish to include just need to be added into your library and once there they can be placed within the email templates. The images themselves or even call-to-action buttons under them, can be clickable to whatever URL addresses you would like.  You could also provide text underneath the images like a caption, providing credit to the listing agency. This way the information about the property still links back to the correct URL, provides the credit to the listing agency, all while still maintaining your branding for the email as a whole.


John M
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