how do I set up a myemail address with constant contact

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I noticed when we sent an ad to Facebook and Instagram that the link the person would click had a myemail address with Constant Contact. This is what comes up when the link is clicked... 

"This page can’t be found

No webpage was found for the web address:

What have we not set up yet? Can you help?
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Hello @VirginiaH384 ,


Did you test the link before making the social post, to confirm it was a viable link that went somewhere? How did you receive or generate the link? 


If you were trying to share an email, you can either setup a social share through that email's reporting page, which will automatically include the link, or you can copy the email's permanent URL from the Details tab on its reporting page or on its More menu in the My Campaigns page.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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  • I didn't know that particular link would be there as we have never shared an ad to Facebook or Instagram before. The link I was referring to was generated when the ad posted both to Facebook and Instagram. I clicked on it to see where it went and it went to a mymail link. I'm guessing that the person looking at that link would click on it and somehow we would be contacted. But I have great holes in  my knowledge about this stuff, and this is one of those holes. What we did was share the email from Constant Contact using CC's share link. I did not know we had to do anything else. We just followed the steps. Obviously we missed something.