how many emails do you recommend sending in one blast?

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I am getting ready to launch my first campaign and I have a list of 5k+ emails. how many emails do you recommend sending in one blast? Can i automate it so I can have them go out every hour? is an hour too long of a wait? 

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Hello @Gem-Young ,


You can honestly just send to the full list if you want. If there's enough contacts being sent to, or other delivery/Compliance elements to trigger automatic staging, our system will handle that automatically. Staging is just the simple act of our system delivering in those increments to monitor bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports. This way we can protect everyone's sending reputations, including yours. If your email sendout to all those contacts doesn't trigger staging, then they should all send right away / when you schedule the email.


Otherwise, if you're wanting to break down delivery of your email in specified increments, then there's not really a streamlined way of doing it at this time. You'd need to split your contact list into smaller lists, then copy your email and schedule those copies individually for each list with the time increment preferred.


If you have additional questions regarding staging, feel free to reach out to our Delivery team for specialized insight and guidance.

William A
Community & Social Media Support