how to change the sender s email shown in the email shown to customer

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Hi all:


May I know how to modify the account setting so that the email address shown in the email campaign?  It is not the same as the email I registered for my account setting.  it is showing my name and with, I want it to show our real email address, and the subject title of the email show "BULK", I dont want this word to be shown in the subject.






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Hello @user507367 ,


Regarding the "ccsend" bit, this is an authentication element that some email programs will show regardless. It can be typically avoided by self-authenticating your email. Regarding the "BULK" bit, there's nothing on our end that would send or display that, and sounds like an internal setting for whatever email program you're using. You may want to look into your email program's settings, or reach out to your IT or email program's support for additional info on that.

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