how to embed video in an email?

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how to embed video in an email?

Hey, our ministry would like to embed video in the email itself.  Our videos are hosted at Vimeo but we send out most everything in a CC email campaign.  What's the best way to make the video look like it is actually in the email?

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Videos are a great way to add interactive content to your email and Constant Contact has quick and easy way to share your videos. 

Embedding a video directly into your Email campaign can increase the chances that your email becomes undeliverable because some email client's can't play videos and some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) block video attachments because they are commonly used to spread viruses but don't worry we have a solution!

You can make a YouTube or Vimeo video appear embedded in an email using the third-generation editor. With our 2GE users you have the option to use only YouTube videos in an email.  

For out 3GE users use these steps:


1. From the Build tab, Place your cursor over the Video block and click to drag into your layout. Release your mouse to drop it into place.


Have you copied your video URL yet? If not, open a new window and navigate to your YouTube or Vimeo page. Copy the URL.


2. Paste the video's URL into the field. Use the Test Link button to make sure you've got it right. Click Insert.

A thumbnail of the video will be added to your email.

When your contacts click on the video thumbnail, a new browser will open to play the video. If you want to add a caption below your video, drag in a Text block and add one.


For 2GE users:

When you insert a link for a video to your campaign email, you have the option of also adding a thumbnail image of the video that includes a video player icon.


  1. Copy the URL for the video you want to add to your email.
  2. Place your cursor over the block where you want to add the video and click Edit this block.
  3. Place your cursor where you want to insert the video image.
  4. Click the Insert button. Place your cursor over the Video Link icon and click the Plus button.
  5. Paste your URL into the Video URL field and click Create Image.

Note: The video image is automatically generated from the link and does not count as an image within your Image Library.


6. Adjust the size of the thumbnail by dragging the slider.(Optional) Edit the the title that displays beneath the video's thumbnail.

7. Click Insert.  Make additional edits to your text as necessary and click Save to continue editing the rest of your campaign email.


I hope that helps!


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I am looking to see if I can embed video in my newsletters - can anyone confirm that this is possible in constant contact

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Our "Video in Email - A Definitive Guide" has all the answers you need:

I would suggest that you create an account on and upload the video. After it’s published or uploaded successfully, create an image of the video and add to your newsletter. Set the image to either link to a page on website or directly to the video on your YouTube channel. Here is an example of a video that we had linked from a newsletter. It pointed to our landing page and within the landing page the newsletter recipient would click on the video to play. The video was an interview with Constant Contact's Regional Director. To view, go to I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarifications on how to integrate video into your email newsletters. Africa Riviera, Web Consultant

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DadBlaze has already mentioned the Video in Email - A Definitive Guide which definitely has all the answers you need In short embed is not an option, but there are other far more effective ways to get around that and adding video to your email marketing campaign could increase your click-throughs significantly.

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can you embed video from youtube into constatnt contact emails?; if so, how

I recently read a side by side online review that analyzed several email marketing companies. I recall CTCT not offering a video service. A video service/interface would be great though.

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The ONLY email client that allows you to display an embedded YouTube video is Gmail -- and then ONLY if you have added one of the new "lab tools."

So, I would not get my hopes up. The best way, still, is to use a still frame from the video with a play button superimposed, that links to the Video on a server.

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Is thie capability being investigated for CC?

You need to capture a screen grab of the video and include it has a graphic link. I have done this for clients many times and can tell you the click rate did increase a lot. Pay a lot of attention to the frame you grab and make it as compelling to open as possible. Even if the frame grab isn't the initial frame of the video.

Here is an article on using video in email. ---

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I want to add some sort of movement to my emails; can I do this if I'm working in the html option?

This is becoming the most frequently asked question in this forum. Video cannot be embedded in email. It is not a limitation of Constant Contact, but rather a limitation of email clients. You can put an image in your email, and make a webpage that looks identical to your email with the exception that instead of the image it will have the real video. It sort of looks like clicking on the video in the email starts the video, but you are really transferred to the webpage with the video. There are a number of companies cropping up that can to this for you. You might also contact Tony Schaefer, Clique Marketing. I think he has experience doing this.

The only reliable way of adding movement is to use an animated GIF file. At this time embedded video in any email isn't supported in any mail clients. There are techniques that allow you to embed an image of your movie in your email. I posted an old draft of something I did for a client on Procrastinators message forum as this one is the pits for using any formatting.

The animated gifs have worked in virtually every email client. However, thank you Microsoft, they do not work in Outllok 2007. In my opionion the best alternative is the solution show in Tony's post.

After some testing, the Animated GIF did show the first frame in Outook so that would seem like a safe fallback.

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To get video in an emaiil, you need to change the approach. We have sent many emails with Video, here's one we just did for "Burn the Floor" its really a fake front end to a link, but looks like a video panel:

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I use a screen capture of the video that is a hotlink to the file itself. I have seen increases in click through rates in the area of 30% when including a video.

You cannot embed objects (video, audio, flash, etc.) in email. This is not a limitation of Constant Contact. It is a restriction of email clients. This is one of, if not the, most frequently asked questions here. Just search this community and you will see the same answer as well as some alternatives. A frequently used alternative is to insert a picture of the beginning on the video and link it to the actual video. If you are not familiar with how to do this, I think that Tony (Clique Marketing) has done this for his clients and can help you with it.

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Thanks to both for the help. Tony, how do you do the "screen capture?"

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I use a program called ScreenHunter for my basic tasks. It's free and can be DL'd at You queue up the video but don't start it. You can use the first frame of the video or something more compelling. Then use SH to square off the video screen, select capture and it will save a GIF file of the screen. Then use that graphic (GIF) in your newsletter and make a hot link to your actual video. Another message board that we use that gives us more flexibility than this one does in posting. ( For an example of a newsletter I did for a client follow that link and look for my post on "Example of inserting a video reference". Hope that helps. If not shoot me an email and I'll get you going in a hurry. Regards, Tony