iPhone Not Displaying Images in CC Emails

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Our clients have told us and we can confirm that images can't be viewed in a Constant Contact email on an iPhone. Instead, the reader sees a question mark in a blue box. I've personally tried all of the "solutions" offered by the internet to no avail. I don't think this is an iPhone issue, as all my other emails don't have a problem displaying images; rather, I think it is a Constant Contact issue. (On my iPhone, I'm not getting the option to download remote images. My co-worker does get that message, but clicking on that message to download the images doesn't work.) Is anyone having the same problem? If so, have you found a solution that works?
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Hello @AmyD19027 ,


Is this something that has occurred recently? Is this only affecting iPhone mail app users, or affecting other devices and email programs/apps?


Does the image issue continue if you set your account up for self-authentication instead of your current setup? If the receiving apps/programs aren't trusting the sending since it's being authenticated through a 3rd party instead of your direct domain, it can cause issues with everything from delivery to what's allowed to display in the email.

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