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image quality

I've had massive issues with image quality on cc. I've read the FAQ and talke to your support team and sent them my images and the best they could suggest was to take a screen shot of the image and upload that to cc. Is there really no other way to get my images (which include text) to appear clear in my emails? This is rendering my using cc totally useless. Anything? Anyone?


Hello @Asgerdully


I took a look at your account to see the images that you are uploading. Outside of using screenshots to add your images, there are a couple of other options for you. I am not sure if you have had these recommended to you, but I wanted to pass them along. 


You could cut the images up into smaller images. Then add them to your campaign to recreate the image. By using smaller images, you can help to retain the quality of the text. You can also host the image on another site, and add the image in via a URL. The other option would be to type out the text into the campaign. This can help with deliverability to put the text into the campaign. It will also show to your recipients when they receive the email, without having to download images.